Tacos chingones: Cochinita de carne vegetal
Pad Thai con vegetales y salsa de cacahuetes
Hamburguesa vegetal Burger Toscana
Postre vegano: Tarta con queso vegano y mermelada de fresa
Cocina tradicional callejera vegetal





Purple gnocchi … €10.50

Purple gnocchi with mild brava sauce and garlic vegannaise.

Roasted pear salad g/f … €10.50

Baked pear, arugula, plan based Greek cheese, dried tomato, old mustard and walnuts.

Ceci neri hummus with pita bread … €10.50

(g/f optional)
Black Italian chickpea hummus and shakshuka with roasted pepper, tomato, red onion pickled with lemon and coriander, accompanied by pita bread.

Curried vegetable croquettes … €10.50
Artichoke flower with truffle sauce g/f … €5/unit

Artichoke candied and fried Roman style.


Thai pasta with peanut sauce and coriander g/f … €14.00

Pad Thai style pasta with vegetables and peanut sauce and coriander.

Ravioli stuffed with porcini mushrooms and drizzled with truffle sauce … €14.50
Thai ramen g/f …. €14.50

Thai broth with red curry, lemon grass and kaffir lime. Rice pasta, vegetables and tofu cooked in a wok with soy sauce. Thai-Japanese fusion dish.

Black rice with vegetable meat Satay g/f … €14.50

Venere rice prepared Thai style with coconut milk, kaffir lime and vegetable meat bathed in Satay sauce.

Vegetable fish meatballs with tomato ragout … €14.50
Madras-style vegetable meat curry with Basmati rice g/f … €14.50

Vegetable meat stew with Madras spice curry, following the South Indian tradition.


Vegetable meat shawarma … €14.50

Pita bread stuffed with vegetable meat, lettuce, tomato and red onion, tahini, and mango chutney.

Truffled burger … €14.70

(g/f optional)
BeyondMeat meat, truffle, arugula, caramelized peppers, sundried tomato, onion and grilled zucchini with oregano.

New York Chicken Burger …. €14.50

Vegan chicken meat, pickles, lettuce sprouts, tomato, eggplant bacon, vegannaise and sweet mustard sauce.

Double Beyond Burger …. €16.90

(g/f optional)
Double meat from BeyondMeat with two melted plant-based cheeses, vegannaise-mustard, pickles, tomato, lettuce and onion.


Ferreo Rocher cake …. €6.50

Chocolate sponge cake, vegan cream, almond praline, 70% chocolate coverage and Pink Albatross hazelnut ice cream.

Tiramisu …. €6

Adaptation of the classic tiramisu in a vegan version.

Cheesecake without cheese g/f …. €6.50

Cake with vegan cheese and covered with delicious jam.

Affogato Street & Soul g/f …. €6.50

Hot espresso poured over cold vegan vanilla ice cream, surprising almond praline and topped with hazelnut shavings. A delight that you cannot miss.

Waffles duo with vanilla ice cream … €7.50

Two vegan waffles with vanilla ice cream, vegan cream and red fruit coulis. Ideal for sharing and enjoying.

** g/f:  Glutem free dish (may contain traces) - Allergens menu available to the customers (here).
Water and sparkling water ... €2.00

Glass of wine ... €3.30

Glass of LOESS wine ... €3,70

Soft drinks ... €2.70

Whole Earth ... €3.50
Cola, Lemon, Ginger or Orange and lemon

Maeloc Sweet Cider ... €3.50
Extra, ecological

Linda juices 100% natural ... €3.50
Pear and Sichuan pepper, Tomato and wasabi, Lemonade and ginger, Tangerine and Rosemary or Lemonade and Hibiscus flower.

Lindo Ice Tea ... €3.50

Kombucha ... €3.50

La Sagra Draft Beer 30cl ... €3.20

La Sagra Draft Beer 50cl ... €4.70

Long Drinks ... €7.50



Guadianeja ... 21,00€
Airen, old vines. Manzanares.
Cup (3,70€) and bottle.

Semi-sweet Las Tablas 
... €16.00
Airen. Las Tablas de Daimiel.
Cup (€ 3.20) and bottle.

Mundo Yuntero ... €17.50
Verdejo. Manzanares.
Cup (€ 3.20) and bottle.

Albamar ... €25,50
Alvariño. DO Rías Baixas.
Only bottle.


Con Viento Fresco ... €18.50
Barrel 6 months. Garnacha. Montes de Toledo.
Only bottle.

Pago el Espino (Los Aguilares) ... €28.50
Barrel 15 months. Petit Verdot, Syrah and Tempranillo. Ronda (Malaga).
Only bottle.

La Bicicleta Voladora ... €23.00
8 months in amphora. Tempranillo and Viura. DO La Rioja.
Only bottle.

Mundo Yuntero ... €17.50
Tempranillo, merlot and syrah.
Cup (€ 3.20) and bottle.

LOESS Inspiration ... €21.00
Tempranillo. DO Ribera de Duero.
Cup (€ 3.70) and bottle.

 #Garagewine ... €23.50
Barrel 12 months. Garnacha. Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo).
Only bottle.


11 Minutes … €22,50

Corvina, trebbiano, syrah and caeménère. IGT Trevenezie Veneto (Italy).
Only bottle.



Bohemia (blond) ... €3.20

Double malt ... €3,50

Non alcohol ... €3.50

Glutem Free ... €3,50

Flanders (White wheat) ... €4,50


Regia (Pale Ale) ... €4.00
IBU: 25. EBC: 15. Alc: 4,8%

Catedrale (Imperial Red Ale) ... €4.50
IBU: 20. EBC: 40. Alc: 8,5%

Aurea (Spanish IPA) ... €4.50
IBU: 30. EBC: 6. Alc: 5,4%

Pangea (Belgian triple) ... €4.50
IBU: 15. EBC: 30. Alc: 7,7%

Ninfa (Stout black) ... €4.50
IBU: 50. EBC: 100. Alc: 8,5%

Cofee & TEA

Black Coffee ... €1.70

Coffee with milk or infusions ... €2.50

Capuccino ... €3.50

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